Bookfessions #23

Welcome back to my weekly posting of Bookfessions…such an awesome site that continually comes up with more awesome bookfessions for us all to enjoy reading through!  As I create this post there are now officially 880 bookfessions!!!!!  I’m getting through them a bit faster now than I use to because some of them are getting a bit repetitive, and I don’t want you guys to get bored reading the same stuff…LOL….enjoy!

I think that explains itself don’t you?? So I’ll just leave you with the link to the YouTube Video for Pure Imagination from the original Willy Wonka! WATCH IT HERE!

I know I’m not alone on this feeling.  I really do have a couple of seconds, maybe a couple of minutes to ponder the ending of a book or series and then I immediately grab the next book I want to read and start at it…or I’ll write my review for the book I finished first.  Either way, it doesn’t take me too long to rebound after I finish a book. :-P

I think this is the understatement of the century. LOL. When you actually try to comprehend how many books there really are in existence and then how many more books are released every year, your brain really starts to hurt and you feel a bit overwhelmed.  I don’t know why I let myself get to that thinking especially since just looking at my bookshelf can be a bit overwhelming.  I have so many books I want to read and I want to read each of them RIGHT NOW, the problem is, I don’t read fast and I can’t read multiple books at a time…so I have to deal with it. :-(

So this isn’t completely me…I do have a tendency to buy series before I even read the first book, a few examples: Black Dagger Brotherhood, The Morganville Vampires, The Midnight Breed Series…and a few more that we don’t need to get into. I need to try to read the first book and decide if I want to keep going with it.  I am being good with the Jane True Series and I’m buying them as I can read them…but it can still make me a little nuts that they aren’t all on my shelf, right now, waiting for me to pick them up whenever I want to. :-P

I know this is something I’ve said to several of you when you write a review for an audiobook that you listened to. I still have a hard time getting over having one person reading all the parts.  So if it’s a guy, he’s trying to sound like a girl when he’s reading a girl part and vice versa if it’s a girl reading it.  Very annoying!  I like the voices that I match with my characters during the mental movie I play. :-)

This is true, I just feel like I’ve wasted a whole week that I could have at least read one or two books plus a couple of Novellas!  Just think how I was feeling after not reading for over a month…eek!

Yep, I’m either there with them like a ghost or I’m at a movie theater all by myself watching everything play out on the big screen with the surround sound and everything!  It’s pretty awesome…I love my imagination. :-D

Ok, this definitely didn’t happen to me and it doesn’t apply to me…to be honest, I’ve never even read Rules of Attraction…but it was funny so I had to share with you all!  You can’t tell me you didn’t chuckle just a little reading that?! :-P

This is true too…especially during that 1 month thing I was talking about earlier.  I would pick up a book, read a couple of pages, set it down, grab another book, do the same thing, and that continued on and on and on and on….well you get the picture.  It got very frustrating. :-(  I’m sure the side effects would have included me going a bit insane.

This is COMPLETELY and TOTALLY true!  I’ve even gone out and Google searched books mentioned in my book just to see if it even existed.  Some of them are actually made up by the author while others are actually real…it’s just amazing how authors really do try to continually bring publicity to each other and help support each other/share their own interests with us.

What about you ladies? Any of these stand out for you?

Comments on: "Bookfessions #23" (2)

  1. This time they didn’t all really fit. Especially the one partial series one. If a book sucks, I am not getting the rest, or sometimes I just lazy ;)=

  2. Love these. This was a blast. #497 is my freaking nemesis! It kills me. It would also help if I just read one book at a time. Still working on that. #472, oh absolutely! LOL! Love these, thanks again hon :)

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