Monday Funday #5

Getting back into blogging and reading has been tough but I’m trying to stick to it.  Not having a lot of spare time with a family now is taking some adjusting to figure out how to put enough spare time in the week so I can visit blogs, read, and create posts.  My biggest plan to do my posts on the weekend has fallen through the past couple of weeks but I plan on making it happen this weekend!  LOL. Hopefully I will also have a book review for you soon!!

Well enough about that…I decided to bring you Monday Funday brought to you by the adorable Jera, hopefully these bring a smile to your face, and maybe even a little laugh or two! :-) Enjoy…

I took this one night because I thought her outfit was adorable…well this just made her eyes look so big!  She still has my blue eyes, so we’ll see if that sticks around the next several months. :-)

Jera was a cow for Halloween this year. :-)  Everyone at my office thought this was so funny because it looked like she was standing up when she was really laying down. Haha, what can I say, my not even 2-month-old is already walking!!! I have a fast learner on my hands. :-P

So I had to snap this picture and send it to my Mom directly!  It’s what all of the people on my Mom’s side of the family look like when they sleep.  The funniest thing is on Thanksgiving after everyone has eaten their meal…walk to the room where all the guys are “watching” football and they will all be laid out with their heads back and their mouth completely open…Jera’s taking after my Mom’s side of the family obviously. :-D

This picture I got from one of the baby sitters last week…she’s just smiling so big!  I had to show this one off because her smile just makes me so happy…I figured it’d at least bring a smile to everyone elses face too! :-D

Comments on: "Monday Funday #5" (3)

  1. Just way too cute!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great pictures! That last one is just too precious. You have an adorable daughter Deanna!

  3. Thank you for sharing these pictures. Jera is adorable; I love the cow picture!

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