Series Review: Key Trilogy

Key Trilogy by Nora Roberts
Contemporary Romance
Books should be read in order

The Key Trilogy is a very fun series that incorporates a type of mystery, contemporary romance, with a hint of paranormal.  You beginning by meeting three very different women, Malory, Dana, and Zoe, who have each received a very fomal invitation to Worrior Peak.  Unsure why they have been asked to the house on top of the hill, the women all make their way there and discover they are the only three that have been invited.  The couple that meets them, Rowena and Pitte, are very mystical and mysterious and the women aren’t sure what to think of them.  The story that Rowena lays out about three demi-gods who have had their souls locked away and the only way they can be released is if the three women agree to take on the challenge.  Since Malory, Dana, and Zoe are all at the same place in their lives (working at jobs they don’t want to be at, or on the verge of losing) they decide to take on the challenge since the insentive is money and they all really need it.

Key of Light outlines the start of their journey and focuses mainly on Malory.  Malory was chosen to be the first key procurer and along the way the women’s relationship strengthens.  Malory also develops a love interest in Flynn (Dana’s brother) and it’s fun to watch that unfold.

Key of Knowledge outlines Dana’s journey to her key and a HEA. The relationship between Malory, Dana and Zoe really blossom and you can see the strength of the bond hold strong. An old flame also blazes onto the scene, Jordan, and we cross our fingers hoping for a wonderful outcome.

Key of Valour outlines Zoe’s journey. Zoe has a lot of pressure on her since she is responsible for find the last key on top of the pressures of the outside world including her first priority, her son Simon.  Along the way we see a relationship that might happen between her and the last guy in our picture, Bradly, and you can’t help but want to push them together yourself.

Nora Roberts did an awesome job putting this series together.  It’s all based on 3’s: 3 women, 3 men, 3 relationships, 3 keys, 3 sisters, etc… and I loved how she really put everything together.  From why the women were chosen to how Flynn, Jordan and Bradly all come into the picture.  Malory, Dana and Zoe seem so different but you find out that even with different interests they have a lot more in common.  The way they come together in this seemingly impossible task was amazing and it made my heart happy.

If you mainly read paranormal books and you’ve never given Nora Roberts a shot I’d highly suggest starting here.  If it wasn’t for Ally, with Swept Away Again, I wouldn’t have given Nora Roberts a try and after this series I know that I will definitely be reading more of her work in the future.

For individual Reviews:
Key of Light
Key of Knowledge

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  1. I am glad Ally made you try her books:)

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